Wishing My Life was Like High School Musical

About a week or two ago, I was helping my wife transfer music from the computer to her phone so she could make a new playlist. As I was doing that, I looked at the list to see if there was anything interesting I should maybe add to mine. That’s when I was reminded of this fantastic song that had somehow never found its way to one of my playlists in the past…

Yep. The track High School Musical from the High School Musical 3 soundtrack is one that I somehow never put into rotation in my playlists. Wierd. I rectified that situation this past weekend when I needed to make a quick playlist on the fly for the Miller Children’s Hospital 5K race as part of the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon. I know that you’re not supposed to do anything new at a race. However, this new track to run with proved to be a perfect addition to my playlist and will become a permanent addition. The song stays fun and upbeat the entire way. If you want a song that will raise your mood and keep the energy going, I highly recommend this song. It came up around the mile 2 marker and was a great mood booster. Even though I was feeling good about my run, I was feeling even better with this feel good kind of song. It even brought a smile on my face that lasted from beginning to end. This song also had the same effect as I ran with it last night. What can I say? Sometimes cheesy music is awesome!

What songs are your mood boosters? Which songs help take you away from the feelings of tiredness, being out of breath, or even pain that comes from running?

One final note…today is the 90th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company! Happy Anniversary!

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