Spinning Around 4 Miles Again!

Last night, I got back at it. After nearly a week off from workouts, I was back out, running around Pasadena on my favorite 4 mile loop. It was a good run as I finished with an 11 minute 42 second per mile average (same as I did last Wednesday). It was nice to see no noticeable drop off in my pacing. This pace was achieved with hitting seemingly every stop light in the first mile. As the red lights started piling up, I kept cool and thought that my overall time didn’t matter as much as how I did while I got to run. After all, I had no control over how many lights would be red and how many wouldn’t. All I had control over was the time I could actually move forward. As usually happens, when the lights are mostly red in the first mile, it reverses later on and I find that I go sailing through more intersections later on. That’s what happened last night. The lights were kinder to me after the first mile. So, it all evened out in the end.

As I ran last night, a new song jumped out as fun to run with.

Spinnin’ Around” by Jump 5 is from the early 2000’s. I remember them well. After all, I was interning at the EMI Christian Music Group when they launched. This was their very first single and their whole first album is filled with very upbeat songs. This song is fun and silly with a tempo that is fast enough to keep me running. Since this song entered my playlist for running it has gone largely unnoticed by me until last night. For some reason I may never know, it stuck out to me. What’s weird is that I have found this song on my playlists and off them in the past. I’ve used it for treadmill running and for time on the elliptical machine. However, until last evening it was either a song that neither slowed me down nor helped keep me going. Last night, that changed. I think it may have been awesome on a few other occasions as well. The problem right now is that it’s pretty far down my list. Anyways, since it stuck out, I thought this would be a good time to highlight it on Music Wednesday. Those of you who are Radio Disney fans will probably recognize the group as they’ve had a number of songs find their way onto the airwaves via Radio Disney. Even though this song is not on the playlist, it’s a song where Radio Disney fans might recognize them from…

Hmmm…I may just have to see if this track is available for purchase. This track might be a good addition and add some Disney magic to my playlist.

Have any of you taken a week off to recharge mentally? If so, did it help you in the long run? Or did it set your training back?

2 thoughts on “Spinning Around 4 Miles Again!

    1. I know! I can still remember being at the Gospel Music Week showcase for Sparrow Records and seeing the Jump 5 kids for the first time (before their album came out) and thinking how young they were and wondering if Sparrow Records was out of their minds to luanch a group like them. However, their energy was off the chains and Jump 5 found a following. Ah, CCM in the early 2000’s!

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