Music to set the Mood

I may be looking for some new songs to keep me going past the 2 hour mark on my playlist. However, I do have a couple of songs (on different playlists) that I listen to while warming up. After all, warming up is not only something to get your body ready to go, but your mind as well. Right?

While I tend to use this song at the start of my time on the elliptical machine, I have also listened to this while warming up for a run. The words are why this song is great. One thing that I’m finding to be awesome about running is that each and every time you lace up and go out there is the opportunity to go faster and farther than you did before. If you had a bad run, the next time always gives you the opportunity to rebound into a great run. In this song, we are reminded that our lives aren’t written yet. So, to me, as I’m charting out in new territory, I always have the chance to be better than I was before. I haven’t finished a full marathon yet. I haven’t finished a half marathon in under 3 hours yet. That’s part of the reason I’m out running to begin with…to see what will be written.

I know it might seem a little cheesy to use a boy band song in warm ups. However, I absolutely love this song as the first one on my playlist. I think there is something about hearing the words “that makes you larger than life” over and over again that helps take your mind off the fact that you will be running an insane distance. Am I alone in this? Of course, there are parts of the lyrics that I do have to pretend aren’t there. After all, this is a boy band singing to their legions of female fans. However, hearing “that makes you larger than life” seems to have a way of making me feel just like that. When you’re starting a long run, it’s a pretty good mindset to have because later on, when you’re ready to quit, you don’t feel that way.

What songs do you use to get you ready to run? Please share. As I’ve mentioned, I’m always looking for new music to listen to while I’m running.

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