Faster, Stronger, Farther – Week 3 of Walt Disney World Marathon Training


Since finishing the Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland just over three weeks ago, I’ve been noticing a real change in my running fitness level wich is astounding to me. (By the way, if you haven’t had the chance to read about my journey to becoming a runner, you can find that blog post here.) My 10K times keep getting faster and I’m finishing my 4 mile training runs in around 44-45 minutes consistently. When I started writing regularly on this blog, I would hope to finish my shorter training runs with an average pace of just under 12 minutes per mile and the long runs as close to that average pace as possible. It’s all amazing to me to watch it unfold.

This week, I completed 2 training runs and 2 gym workouts! It’s good to be back up to 4 days of training a week again and hope to get back up to 5 workouts this week. Among other things I’m learning about myself is that I will probably never be excited about going to the gym. However, every time I go, I come home from the workout extremely glad that I went. In the weeks leading up to the Disneyland races, I started slacking off with gym workouts. So, the past couple weeks, I’ve been really encouraged by the fact that I’ve gone twice each week! Also, yesterday, I was able to increase the weights and almost back where I was training at the end of July!


In addition to the two awesome gym workouts that left me feeling really strong, I had two great runs. I missed one midweek run on Tuesday because I was dealing with a cold that knocked me out. However, the Thursday 4 miles was awesome! The weather had finally started to cool off a bit and I truly enjoyed every bit of that 4 miles! I’ve had to make an adjustment to how I record my running during the mid-week because the sun is going down so much earlier. One downside to my Nike+ Sportswatch is that it’s extremely hard to read at night-time. So, with my midweek training runs, I’ve gone to using the Nike+ app on my phone because it’s much easier to see the info I had been receiving on my watch. I know that my watch battery can handle the time it takes for me to finish with my playlist cranking out the music. So, it’s not been all to difficult of a transition to make.

Two weeks ago, I set a new 10K PR in running my 11 mile long run. Well, this past Saturday, I beat that time as part of my 13.1 miles at Huntington Beach! Not only that, but I was nearly 20 minutes faster than I was at Disneyland overall! I’ll have more on this past week’s long run tomorrow because it was a learning experience for me. I’m starting to feel the growing pains as a runner. My times are getting faster and my expectations are also rising. This past Saturday’s long run was one where my PR’s didn’t really feel like PR’s. Tomorrow, I’ll get more into that.

I saw this guy in the Huntington Beach Pier!
I saw this guy in the Huntington Beach Pier!

Here’s how week 3 of training for the Walt Disney World Marathon went down…

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Rest Day due to illness

Wednesday – 30 Minutes Elliptical Machine, abs, chin ups, dips, leg press

Thursday – Ran 4 miles

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Ran 13.1 miles – set 10K and Half Marathon distance PR’s

Sunday – 30 Minutes Elliptical machine, abs, chin ups, dips, leg press

This past week I also have gotten myself into full planning mode for my first “racecation” to Walt Disney World. Planning this trip is so much different from planning my last trip to Walt Disney World. There is so much more to think about when you’ve got two races to plan around. If any of you out there has advice for how to plan a trip to Walt Disney World for Marathon Weekend, please share. I’ve never done a racecation before and am already feeling some anxiety over the planning. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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