To Infinity and Beyond – Sailing into my 40’s

Well, I’m officially 40 years old. That fact is still something I’m getting used to. Tuesday night, I ran 4 miles to finish out my 30’s! It wasn’t my best run time wise (thank you to the many red lights that contributed to that). However, since my race weeks have been filled with missed workouts, I’m really happy I got out there an did my scheduled run. There’s only one more training run to finish before the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend! I’m almost finished with this training cycle.

So, what did I do yesterday to celebrate my 40th? Well, my day started off with extended sleep. Being able to sleep until nearly 9am was heavenly! I am not a morning person. However, with my workdays starting at 9am and having to complete my long runs early in the morning, the days where I get to sleep past 7am are getting less common. Other than the extended sleep, I also went down to Angels Stadium this morning and took the 11:30am tour of the stadium.



It was so much fun to get to see parts of the stadium that are not open to the public.


We got to see the visiting team’s clubhouse,


the press box,



the batting cages that the Angels players use,


and hang out in the Angels dugout!



Fun stuff. Plus, I got some great pictures in the dugout. That way, when I run through the warning track of the stadium on Sunday, I won’t feel the need to stop for too many pictures like I did when I ran in the Angels 5K earlier this year.

In the evening, the wife and I dined at Buca Di Beppo! The food was excellent. After all, it’s a carbo load kind of week. So pasta seemed like a good choice. Of course the birthday festivities started two Sundays ago with a surprise Buzz Lightyear themed pool party.

Shane Visit to California 2013 165

Shane Visit to California 2013 185

Today, the fun continued with going to lunch with my work peeps. Friday, the Disneyland Half Marathon Health Expo and Packet Pick up. Saturday, is the Disneyland 10K. Sunday, the Disneyland Half Marathon. Yes, I’m sailing into my 40’s alright…

To Infinity….and Beyond!

4 thoughts on “To Infinity and Beyond – Sailing into my 40’s

  1. Happy Birthday! Good for you for doing the Disneyland Half on your birthday weekend. I turn 40 this Monday & had wanted to do the same thing (well, just the 5k) but I had missed signing up before it sold out. Have a great run!

      1. Thank you! I went to the Hollywood Bowl last night with my husband. It was Movie Night & they played music from the movies along with film clips. It was great!

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