Working it Out on Race Week

One thing that I have yet to figure out is why race weeks have been ones where I’ve lost motivation to continue training. In the past, these weeks have been ones where if I got one workout in the week, it was the best. So, my challenge this week is to get my last two training runs logged because they still need to be done. There is still work to be done. So, I’ve got to find a way to work this out…

Years ago, when I got brave enough to actually go on the treadmill, the above song was a staple on my playlist. It always seemed to be a good one to have when I got near the end of what my goal was for that workout. You know, when the motivation was low due to being tired. It’s a fun song, for sure. However, the lyrics talking about how we’ve got to work it out were ones that would get me back to focussing on finishing what I started.


I’m a USC Trojans fan. The Pete Carroll era was a fun one for us. This quote is a good one to remember as we chase down our dreams. Always Compete…Compete to be the greatest YOU and that will always be enough. That’s the challenge this week. To keep going even though the end is in sight. I have finished 17 weeks of training for the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend races. 19.3 miles is no joke. Time to go out and get those last training miles in before races and the fun begins. It all starts tonight with my last run in my 30’s. (Still can’t believe I turn 40 tomorrow!) I wonder if I’ll see this guy during the weekend…


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