Disneyland Half Marathon Excitement Continues to Build

The closer we get to the DL Half Marathon Weekend, the more exciting it gets. The past few days, I’ve noticed a trend in the runner blogs I visit which people are talking about their check list for travelling to the DL Half Marathon. Since I’m a local, I don’t have much to contribute in packing for a run-cation. Also, I’ve never travelled more than 45 minutes to get to any of my race events. So, run-cations are something I’m not experienced in at all. I have taken note of what’s being said. Hopefully, around January (when I get ready for my first run-cation…the Walt Disney World Marathon), the same kinds of advice will be offered.


The blogs I thought were great in regards to packing are these ones…

  • The ladies who run the We Run Disney blog has their checklist here. Also, they’ve been posting other blogs lately that will help you prepare for the Expo as well.
  • Rebecca from Running to Tahiti gives her advice here. If you check out her page, she also blogged on her first Disneyland Half Marathon experience (including a fun video).

The above were my two favorites. Others I’ve read seem to say the same things. So, I won’t steal anyone’s thunder by repeating their checklist. Actually, I mention them here as not only a help to those who are travelling, but also as a place keeper for when I need to plan my trip to Florida in January. Happy reading.


We’re 9 days away from the Health Expo at the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend! You can count the number of days on your hands! Yikes. This time around, I’ve feeling more excitement than nerves. In January, when I was this close to the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, I felt a whole lot of nerves over being swept. 16+ weeks of training changes everything. This time around, I feel prepared and am completely confident that I will beat my Tinker Bell Half Marathon time. Good luck to all of you as you finalize your preparation for the Disneyland Half Marathon, 10K, 5K, and/or Dumbo Double Dare! We’re almost there!

4 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon Excitement Continues to Build

  1. Three other things I’m packing; a plastic bowl and spoon for my cereal so I can eat it at the start, a ratty old pillow to sit on while hanging about and a rubbish t-shirt (or for Fla sweatshirt and leggings) to wear to the start if I’m cold then throw away. I forgot that once in Florida and had to buy warm clothes that I threw away about 12hours later.

  2. I love Princess & the Frog! Watched it last night while packing my bags! Yay! Can’t believe the race is so soon!

    1. I love the music in Princess and the Frog…especially the Dixie Jazz tunes! I hope you have a great time in Southern California! It’s finally race week!!!!!!!!!!!!

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