Are We There Yet?

Two weeks from tomorrow the festivities for the Disneyland Half Marathon will kick off with the Expo. I can totally feel the finish line approaching. The event I’ve been working so hard towards is so close that I can practically touch it. Yet, it is still so far away because I’m not there yet. I want to be crossing the finish line for the Disneyland Half Marathon right now instead of finishing another training run. I want to be running through theme parks instead of running around my city. I feel ready to complete all 19.3 miles. However, a weekend of running 19 is still ahead of me. I’m battling the feelings of being ready but not there yet this week…trying to keep these wise words in mind…

In the first few weeks of this training program, it was a battle to change my mindset, it was battling with the huffing and puffing that comes with pushing myself. In the latter weeks, there was the battle with complacency and dealing with that bad 9.5 mile run in my city. You know I’ll never forget that run in all of its horribleness. Now, I’m dealing with the feeling that this program is almost over and part of me wants it to just be finished already.

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So, what have I done? I’ve increased my mid-week training runs from 3.1 miles to 4. I love this new route I get to take. Even if running through the crowded Old Town Pasadena means slower times, it’s a much more fun run. I hope the newness of this route won’t ware off too soon. Yet, even with the fun of a new route, I’m still facing the feelings of just wanting to be there already.

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