Awesome 80s Medal Revealed!

I don’t usually post twice in the same day. However, I just saw this and am too excited not to share. On August 24th, one week before the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend events take place, I’ll be running in the Awesome 80’s 5K at the Rose Bowl. I’m pretty excited for the short run because it fits perfectly in my training for the DL Half and because of the finishers medal. Now, they’ve released a picture of that medal I’ll be earning. Check it out!


There are races planned in other cities than Pasadena. Check out their website to see if there will be an Awesome 80’s run near you. Then, you can find yourself to be the owner of one of these totally rad medals as well.

2 thoughts on “Awesome 80s Medal Revealed!

    1. I know! The concept art for the medal looked good enough to make this a must do kind of race. Seeing the actual medal no only is rewarding, but makes me wish it was August 24th already! I’m going to have two weekends in a row of fantastic bling…Awesome 80’s and the Disneyland races.

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