Independence Day at the Disney Parks

Tomorrow, the United States will celebrate our independence. I had thought of writing out some long-winded post talking about some of the attractions at the Disney theme parks that celebrate my country’s history every day. However, I thought I’d just share some You Tube links to these attractions for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland

Hall of Presidents at The Magic Kingdom

The American Experience at EPCOT


America Sings at Disneyland – This is no longer there. It was replaced by Innoventions

If the above attractions don’t get you in the Independence Day spirit, here is a concert from the Voices of Liberty at EPCOT from July 4, 2011.

Here is the World of Color at Disney California Advenutre pre-show for the 4th of July 2012

If you want a little different kind of fireworks show, check out this video from Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The fireworks start around the 11 minute mark of the video.

Illuminations at EPCOT added these fireworks at the end of their show.

Disneyland’s Celebrate America Fireworks show from 2012

The Magic Kingdom Fireworks show from 2012

Isn’t it interesting that the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland use the same soundtrack? Well, I hope these videos will help get you ready to celebrate Independence Day here in the United States of America. For those that cannot get out to the theme parks (or those that don’t want to brave the large crowds), I hope this gives you a taste of what you might experience if you were able to get out to one of the Disney theme parks tomorrow.

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