Crossing the Half Way Mark with a 10K PR!

Today marks the end of week 9 in training for the Disneyland Half Marathon. It’s been a pretty good week that lead to a new 10K PR! Later this week, I’ll get up a race recap for the Pasadena 10K that was part of the events for the Pasadena Half Marathon. It was a hot, hot, hot day in Pasadena and the 10K was a long one (6.5 miles). However, everything ended very well for me. It wasn’t exactly the time I was shooting for, but, considering the hot temps and the longer than 10K race, I’m beyond thrilled with my finish.


Also, before the run, I got to meet a fellow runDisney blogger, Linzie Sharp. If you get the chance, you should check out his blog. He is beyond inspirational. You can check it out by clicking here.


As for the rest of the week, I got 4 our of my 5 scheduled workouts. The one I missed was because I got to see an advanced screening of The Lone Ranger. You can’t turn something like that down. Right? Plus, the screening was in a theatre I haven’t been to before on the Studio Lot. Here’s how the week went down…

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Ran 3.10 miles

Wednesday – Rest Day – Saw a screening of The Lone Ranger

Thursday – Ran 3.10 miles

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 30 minutes on the Elliptical Machine, abs, chin ups, dips, leg press

Sunday – Ran 10K and finished with a new PR!!!!

9 weeks down, 9 to go until the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend and the Dumbo Double Dare. For those of you who are running the DDD, how is your training going?

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