What Time is It? Summertime!

Happy Summer solstice readers! There’s just something great about the official start of summer. Although, as a working adult, it’s not quite the same as it was when I was in school. This time of year still becomes a busy one as people take vacations and the daylight hours are at their peak. As I’ve mentioned, the grind of training for the Disneyland Half Marathon has started rearing its ugly head lately for me. However, while on the elliptical machine this past Wednesday, I this song came across my playlist and it perked me up again.

I love this song for its upbeat cheeziness and good-times vibe. Several years ago, this song was a go to song for me as I logged miles away on the treadmill. Somehow, hearing it again on Wednesday night, brought back a happy time in my life. It also has, at least temporarily, brought me out of the grind it out feeling. Last night’s run felt really good! My finishing time was good and I just plain felt great while running. Tomorrow, I’ll be going on my longest training run ever…8 miles. To make it more fun, I’ll be heading out to the beach for this one. What better way to do a long run in the summer than at the beach?

Happy running!

2 thoughts on “What Time is It? Summertime!

    1. My wife got me hooked on the HSM movies. The soundtracks have found their way on my playlists for exercising!

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