Run Walk Running to Disney

The calendar for training for the Dumbo Double Dare stared yesterday. However, yesterday was a rest day. So, my first training run is tonight. Before I go any further in this process, I thought I’d post on what my “run” workouts will look like. I’m going to be using the Jeff Galloway “Run Walk Run” method in my training. What is this? Let’s let Jeff Galloway explain in this short video.

The Galloway Method is something that is getting more people off the couch and running. By incorporating walk breaks into your runs, it reduces injury and fatigue, allowing you to finish strong. Since I’m aiming to finish the Disneyland Half Marathon at a pace just over 12 minutes per mile, I vary my intervals between a 2:1 run:walk ratio and a 1:1 ratio. That means, running for 2 minutes and walking for 1 minute. Here are the breakdowns for run to walk ratios depending on the times you wish to finish…

  • 9 minute/mile – 4:1
  • 10 minutes/mile – 3:1
  • 11 minutes/mile – 2:30:1
  • 12 minutes/mile – 2:1
  • 13 minutes/mile – 1:1
  • 14 minutes/mile – 30 seconds: 30 seconds
  • 15 minute/mile – 30 seconds: 45 seconds
  • 16 minutes/mile – 20 seconds: 40 seconds
  • 17 minutes/mile – 15 seconds: 45 seconds

Yesterday, I came across the following podcast called the “Mickey Miles Podcast” where Jeff Galloway was interviewed. The podcast is in two parts which are included in this post. It’s really interesting. Jeff Galloway not only goes into the history of the marathon and running, but how he came up with his method for training distance runners. Please do yourself a favor and listen to these two podcasts. They are around 30 minutes each. However, well worth your time.

Mickey Miles Podcast Part 1, Part 2

There are many methods out there for training for half marathons and full marathons. I’m putting my trust in the Galloway Run Walk Run Method for my training. To learn more about this method, you can either purchase Jeff Galloway’s book entitled “The Run-Walk-Run Method” at Amazon, or you can visit Jeff Galloway’s web site, here.

So, readers, what are you using as you train for your runs? Are you using the Galloway method or another?

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