Today I Run 4 Boston

Yesterday, I mentioned that the running community was going to be wearing race shirts today as a show of support Boston, the runners and spectators who were affected by the terrorist attacks on the Boston Marathon. This is what I wore to work today.


In addition to wearing the shirt, which gave me several opportunities to share why, I decided to join other runners who were dedicating runs today to those in Boston.Some ran 2.62 miles in honor of those that were running 26.2 miles. A co-worker told me of a group of people who were running whatever was left in the marathon when it was stopped for those who were not able to finish (because of the explosions). I took the path of running 4.09 miles because the race clock read 4:09 when the first explosion went off.

2013-04-16_19-48-39_796 2013-04-16_19-53-49_608

While I ran tonight, I thought of those who lost lives. I thought of those who were badly injured as a result of the explosions. I thought of those runners who worked so hard to qualify for this Super Bowl of running events and did not get to finish because the race was stopped. I also thought of those runners who might be going through any guilt over having a family member or other supporter of theirs injured while waiting for them to finish. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. My back bothered me a little bit during the third mile tonight. However, I just had to finish. This was a different sort of run. I just kept going and found a way to finish with a pretty good time (for me) to boot.

There are lots of things a person could run for. I love running for Disney. Tonight, I ran for Boston.

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