Getting Ready to Fly

A week ago, I posted on the song that currently is my favorite on the running playlist. While I love a lot of Toby Mac songs, there are others I run with as well.


As a child, I loved the Rocky movies. As a matter of fact, I loved them so much, that I would memorize the lines and be able to recite them right along with watching the movies. Of course, this annoyed my younger brother at times. However, who doesn’t love the story of an underdog that gets a chance to be a champ, takes on the challenge and wins? In the first movie, “Gonna Fly Now” was the song that came on as Rocky got to the end of his preparation for his fight with Apollo Creed. Who could forget that epoch run up the stairs in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum? I position this song at the end of my warm-up/start of running and helps give me a fantastic start.

Because it’s a song that builds as it goes along, it’s perfect for starting off any run. Also, the lyrics are simple, yet great motivation. All they say is “gonna fly now…getting strong now.” Good words to put my mind where it needs to be as I train myself to go farther and faster. Don’t you think? Plus, I get to envision myself running right along with Rocky.

As I’m figuring out what this blog is going to be about, I think that I’m going to make Wednesdays, “Music Wednesdays” and share another song from my playlist each week.

What songs are on your playlist?

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