Weekly Recap – Colds, Recovery and 5K’s Oh My!


This has been a crazy week that ended with a fun run through Knott’s Berry Farm as part of their Coaster Run 5K. However, the week also saw me having to deal with a cold this past Monday evening that continued into Tuesday. This cold really zapped my energy. So, even though I called out sick to work on Tuesday, I was faced with a choice…do I head to the gym to stick to the plan I’ve been following? Or do I follow the advice I’d read and take the day off, allowing my body to rest? Well, after going back and forth on this decision, I decided to take the day off. I figured that, as some point in the future, I could always make this work out up. However, to take the chance on pushing myself when my body was saying to rest, I could risk getting even worse and miss many other workouts.

The rest was good and by Thursday I was feeling a lot better. So, I got back at it. The workout was difficult because I was still recovering. However, I was determined to not let this illness sidetrack me as other illnesses have. So, I completed the Tuesday workout on Thursday and haven’t looked back. My workout Saturday brought me back to more of a normal feeling. My running on Saturday was a repeat of the previous Saturday, but wasn’t as easy for me. Consistency has its price.

Today (Sunday), I ran in my second 5K of the year…the Knott’s Berry Farm Coaster Run. I’ll recap the race soon. However, the run was really fun and I felt pretty strong at the end of it. So, this next week, it’s back to work.

Here is a recap of my activities for this week…

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Sick Day and did not work out

Wednesday – Rested (I got to see a screening of “Oz the Great and Powerful” at work)

Thursday – Treadmill (6 sets of 3/1 run/walk ratio), Weight Workout (30 minutes)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Treadmill (8 sets of 3/1 run/walk ratio), Weight Workout (30 minutes)

Sunday – Ran/walked Knott’s Berry Farm Coaster Run 5K

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