Doin’ Work


In 2009, Spike Lee did a film on Kobe Bryant entitled “Doin’ Work.” Greatness doesn’t come by just showing up. That’s true in both basketball and in long distance running. To be great and achieve great results, you have to do the work. Today, I finished my 12th workout in 4 weeks (3 workouts per week for 4 in a row). Can’t remember the last time I was this consistent. So, that alone would be enough for me to be happy today. However, not only did I complete the 12th workout, but I can see the results that consistency brings. I’m getting stronger and better at everything I’m doing in the gym.

In the last 4 weeks, I have been laying the foundations for my half marathon training. This is my doin’ work phase. After completing the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, I realized that I needed to spend time building a stronger running base. So, I started on a plan to do just that. It started off with running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute in each set. I started with completing 8 sets and built from there. Due to the colder and rainier weather, I’ve decided on starting with the treadmill. The first workout was brutal. I had to stop twice to finish the required sets. In spite of that miserable first attempt, I have been able to finish every workout the way it is prescribed in the plan. When the time came to increase each set to a 2 minute run, 1 minute walk, I could barely finish the 8 sets. However, this time, I only stopped once. So, today when I had to up each set to a 3 minute run, 1 minute walk, I was prepared for it to be just as difficult. Much to my surprise, I completed all 8 sets without any break and felt strong at the end! After completing the last 3 minute run, I had a smile from ear to ear and wanted to celebrate this accomplishment. Of course, that would have been pretty silly to do in the gym. So, I didn’t. However, it was the most amazing feeling and it continued through the rest of the workout!

What lead to this feat? About a week and a half ago, I had a revelation on the treadmill. I slowed my pace by 0.2 MPH and found the best setting for me. It’s a pace that is still challenging. However, I’m not huffing and puffing at all anymore. Ever since, my treadmill workouts have been amazing! Even to the point where I can say that I look forward to my workouts as I continue to build my running base. I’m hoping that this lesson I’ve learned will be something that I remember when I start my road work. The plan, for now, is to stick with the treadmill until April. Although, if the weather continues to be this amazing, I might have to alter that plan and start running outdoors earlier.

Lesson for the week…slowing down just a little on your training runs can produce great results.

Here are the stats for this past week.

Sunday – Treadmill (2/1 Run/Walk for 12 sets), Elliptical machine (27 minutes), and weight machines (20 minutes)

Monday – Rest

Tuesday– Treadmill (2/1 Run/Walk 10 sets), Elliptical Machine (27 minutes), and weight machines (20 minutes)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Treadmill (2/1 Run/Walk 8 sets), Elliptical Machine (27 Minutes), and weight machines (20 minutes)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Treadmill (3/1 Run/Walk 8 sets), Elliptical Machine (27 minutes), and weight machines (20 minutes)

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