Feeling Good, Getting Better

WORKOUT #3 – September 8, 2012

It was a really hot day today. However, it was a very succesful day as well. I accomplished all I wanted to accomplish today. Included in that was my second 5K of the week. This one featured great improvement! I ran the 3.10 miles in 36 minutes even. That equates to an 11 minute, 37 second per mile pace….a 45 second per mile improvement! Here’s the play by-play.

My first mile felt much better. I ran this mile a little slower than the last time. However, I was able to keep up the run 1 minute walk 1 minute cycle for 4 cycles before having to give up on this goal. However, unlike Tuesday, I didn’t cramp up and my back was fine. This time, I completed my first mile in 10 minutes, 32 seconds…a 10 second slower time than my first run. However, the mile did feel much better. I was focussed on not going out too fast and wanted the second mile to go much better.

Mission accomplished! This time, the second mile didn’t cause me as many problems as Tuesday. No back pain and no cramping. It was still a difficult mile. However, I ran for much more time than I did previously. This time, I completed the second mile in 12 minutes, 37 seconds…nearly a minute faster than the previous day! Unlike my last run/walk, this time, my overall pace was still under 12 minutes per mile!

Encouraged by this, I had a good last part of the run/walk. I completed the third mile with a pace of 11 minutes, 9 seconds. There was only one run of one minute this time. However, there were more 30 second runs in this mile and I felt like I was walking faster than the last time! Better than that, I was feeling good about this workout and at 2.50 miles, I was on an 11 minute, 30 second pace. So, I only lost 7 seconds per mile over the last half of a mile. Not too bad.

While I was breathing a little heavy, it felt great to get such a good result. Here are the stats.

3.10 miles

36 minutes, 0 seconds

11 minute, 37 second per mile pace

Burned 648 calories

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